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At Shape Talent, we believe that not only do organisations benefit from having a better balance of men and women at the top, but families and societies do too.


We are a boutique consulting and coaching business with a mission to enable more women to move into senior leadership roles in business. Learn more about what we do:

Gender equality consulting for businesses


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Our 3 barriers model


Our research shows that barriers to progression exist for women at three levels: at a societal, organisational and at a personal level. We know that meaningful change happens when solutions target all three levels: all too often we see, and hear about, interventions which focus on ‘fixing women’ but ignore the broader ecosystem within which these barriers exist. That’s why our approach is different. We look at the whole system to ensure that our work has the biggest impact on the greatest number of people.

At Shape Talent we don’t just want to make an incremental impact. We want to be part of a fundamental shift towards gender balanced organisations and societies, where both men and women thrive, and where organisations reap the benefits of this.


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