Who is it for?

We all want to make a positive impact in a new role, and this programme is designed to help you achieve just that.  It is for those who are about to - or have recently - started a new role, those who find themselves assigned to a new role following a business re-structure, and those returning to the workplace after an absence, such a career break.

This programme is designed to help you make a positive impact quickly, as you navigate the challenges of the new role, quickly come to terms with a new culture and expectations, and address ways to fill your knowledge gaps.

How does it work?

We start with an introductory phone call of up to 30 minutes to understand your needs and ensure that this programme is right for you.  The programme will be designed around your needs, with the number of sessions appropriate to your situation.  We will explore the issues relevant to you, but these may include:

  • How do I quickly understand the new culture and unwritten ways of working?

  • I feel a little over my head, how do I quickly come up to speed with what this role requires of me?

  • I need to build positive relationships with my new boss, team and key stakeholders, how do I do that quickly and effectively?

  • I’m in the same organisation but my job has changed – how do I adapt to what is required of me?

  • How do I draw on my strengths to ensure I am functioning at my best?


In some situations, if you feel it would be helpful, we may seek feedback from your colleagues or line manager to help guide the objectives and focus areas.  



Please contact me for a current Fee Sheet.

Note: Corporate clients are subject to a different offering and fee structure.