Coaching packages

3 hours

Perhaps you feel like you’ve lost some of your passion for what you do and are asking yourself if you should change track. This intensive session is designed for those people who aren’t sure about whether a career change is right for them, and need help reinvigorating their career and their motivation.

Finding a career you love

6 hours

Perhaps you’re at a career crossroads: you’ve spent your entire career on one track and now you’re feeling that it isn’t providing the fulfilment or challenge that you require. You need help figuring out 'where to from here'. This programme builds on the Career MOT by also exploring career options and an action plan to get you there.

Career transition support

10 hours

We all want to make a positive impact in a new role, and this programme is designed to help you achieve that. It is for those people who are about to start a new role, have recently started a new role, or who find themselves assigned to a new role following a business re-structure.