Coaching programmes

Women in leadership group coaching

Our group coaching programme comes with the benefits of traditional executive coaching, but is able to reach a wider number of women in your organisation than traditional executive coaching allows for. This maximises the impact and your ROI.

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Parental transition coaching

This programme comprises 1-on-1 coaching for senior leaders and/or group coaching for graduate to manager level employees, as well as webinars for leaders managing a pregnant employee. The standard coaching duration is six sessions.

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Job transition (first 100 days) coaching

Helping prepare leaders for a successful transition in the critical first 100 days. Incorporating a 3-way session with the participant's new line leader, we define success and map out a plan for the first 100 days, covering the principles of effective transitions. 


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Targeted at women in leadership roles, helping them to fulfil their potential and accelerate promotion readiness. Topics are defined by the participant, but common themes are authentic leadership, impact and presence, strategically using your network, managing difficult stakeholders and building confidence.

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Our career coaching supports women who are experiencing a career crossroads and need help to identify the best next steps. We work on identifying your values and drivers, as well as taking a pragmatic look at options and possibilities, before creating a plan to facilitate the transition. 

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Outplacement coaching

Out outplacement coaching supports women in a workplace transition, identifying the right next step and enabling a successful shift - whether that be a new organisation, a new industry or a complete change of career. We can provide CV and LinkedIn advice, mock interviews and personal branding support as required.