Gender EQUALITY Consulting

Did you know that:

  • Men are 4.5 times more likely to make it on to an executive committee role than a woman starting out on her career at the same time

  • There is a 50:30:10 pipeline: whilst the representation of women is often around 50% at entry level, this drops to 30% by middle management and 10% at senior management 

  • At current rates, it will take 100 years before gender parity in the UK is reached 

  • 43% of women aged 28 - 40 do not feel that opportunities to progress are equal between men and women 

  • 70% of men believe that a more equal society between men and women will be better for the economy 

  • If the market participation of men and women was equalised, the UK’s annual GDP could be increased by at least 10% by 2025 


At Shape Talent we know that strong inroads to achieving gender balance are entirely possible with the right focus and commitment. We’ve helped companies drive these improvements, and we've seen the results for ourselves.  We partner with organisations to understand your gender balance and identify the organisational and individual barriers that limit women's progression within your business.

Using our proprietary model, we conduct a diagnostic to understand where changes will have the greatest impact. Strategies are designed collaboratively to dismantle barriers, create relevant support structures and ensure that solutions are able to thrive within the ethos and structure of your organisation. 


Call us today to discuss how we can help your business achieve greater gender balance.