Who is it for?

Perhaps you’re at a career crossroads: you’ve spent your entire career on one track and now you’re feeling that it isn’t providing the fulfilment or challenge that you require.  Perhaps you’ve been out of the workforce for an extended period and you now need help working through what to do next.  You’re probably considering changing to something new but need help figuring out what that is, and how to achieve it.  This programme goes beyond the Career MOT to look at career alternatives and an action plan to help you on your way.


How does it work?

We start with an introductory phone call of up to 30 minutes to understand your needs and ensure that this programme is right for you.  If it is we will then spend time at the start of the programme really getting to grips with who you are.  What motivates and energises you, what are your skills and interests, what makes your heart sing.  This is a critical foundation to making a sound decision about alternative career choices.   We will then explore together the career options that are best aligned with the true you.  And finally we will look at making a decision and setting an action plan to achieve the change you desire, including how to deal with the obstacles that you foresee – including those we impose on ourselves.

The programme will comprise four coaching sessions – each around 1.5 hours.  The programme works as a partnership with your coach.  We do not use the ‘test and tell’ approach with a prediction or advice on the single best career for you.  These methods are ineffective in a fast changing world where new jobs are being created all the time.  Rather, we help you identify the sort of roles that meet your criteria and empower you to test where the best fit is for you.  To do this you will need to allocate several hours before and after each coaching session as you work through the exercises associated with the programme.  If we feel it would be helpful we may suggest you complete some psychometric assessments as part of this work, however this will not be relevant for everyone.



Please contact me for a current Fee Sheet.


Note: Corporate clients are subject to a different offering and fee structure.