job transition (first 100 days) coaching
Our first 100 days coaching programme ensures a seamless transition for senior leaders transitioning to a new role.

What are the programme objectives?


This programme aims to enable newly appointed leaders to seamlessly navigate their promotion to a new role, ensuring their first 100 days are impactful.

Who is it for?

Leaders recently appointed to the next level of leadership – either managing managers, managing functions, or managing businesses

What does it cover?

  • Over 7 coaching sessions we help the individual to plan and successfully achieve key milestones in the first 100 days, as well as planning further ahead with a 6-month career check-in

  • We cover the 6 principles of effective transitions:

    • Defining the learning gaps

    • Defining a vision

    • Establishing the key priorities

    • Building the team

    • Securing quick wins, and

    • Creating supporting alliances.

  • The line leader joins one of the early coaching sessions to help define success

How long is the programme?


The programme comprises 7 sessions - the first 6 in the first 90 days, and a follow up session 6 months into the role to revisit career objectives for the future.

Your coach


How do I get started?


Contact me to arrange a complimentary 30 minute chemistry session - either via Zoom or in person, diaries and location permitting - to see whether this programme is right for you.


Sharon Peake, career coach, occupational psychologist, gender diversity specialist, and founder of Shape Talent. I have spent almost a decade in executive leadership HR roles looking at which individuals get appointed to jobs; who is most successful, and who is able to successfully navigate their career.  As such I bring to this coaching programme a deep working understanding of what organisations look for in their leaders.


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