strategic CAREER accelerator 2-day workshop
This workshop addresses how female leaders can strategically progress their careers in the context of the unwritten organisational rules for success and any assumptions which may be holding them back.

What are the objectives?

This programme complements existing leadership programmes that you may offer within your organisation, by specifically targetting the areas that are often most problematic for emerging female leaders and which are typically overlooked in leadership development programmes. The workshop aims to equip talented female leaders with the knowledge and skills to successfully navigate the more nuanced elements of leadership effectiveness that particularly concern female leaders.  ​ 

Who is it for?


This intensive workshop is designed for ambitious mid-career female leaders looking to take the step up to Director or VP level.

What does it cover?

  • The 3 key barriers that can prevent women from fulfilling their potential and how to address them

  • Achieving authentic leadership based on individuals' values and drivers

  • Successfully navigating organisational power, politics and conflict

  • Crafting the right image, visibility and impact

  • Strategic relationship building, networking and gaining sponsorship

  • Confidence and tackling limiting beliefs

How long is the programme?


This intensive workshop is run over 2 non-sequential days, typically a month apart.  It is recommended that it be complemented with individual coaching. Participants are also invited to undertake reflective pre-work ahead of each workshop day, in order to maximise the insights from the programme.

Led by

Sharon Peake, career coach, occupational psychologist, gender diversity specialist, and founder of Shape Talent. I have spent almost a decade in executive leadership HR roles looking at which individuals get appointed to jobs; who is most successful, and who is able to successfully navigate their career.  As such I bring to this coaching programme a deep working understanding of what organisations look for in their leaders and the common mistakes women (and men) make in navigating their careers.

Joss Sargent, career, conflict and change coach, culture and comms specialist and founder of Capitalise Performance. I’m a qualified Barrett Culture Transformation Practitioner and have a Postgraduate Certificate in the Psychology of Organisational Development and Change. I’ve spent the last decade focused on supporting companies with their approach to strategic internal communications and whole system culture change to bring about long-term behavior change and increased performance and engagement.


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