Women in leadership group coaching
Our group coaching programme comes with the benefits of traditional executive coaching, but is able to reach a wider number of women in your organisation than traditional executive coaching allows for. This maximises the impact and your ROI.

What are the programme objectives?


The programme aims to assist women to navigate career challenges and maximise their career potential. It builds participants’ sense of community as well as their ability to coach each other. It also opens up communication channels between these groups and the organisation which can enable positive systemic changes.

What is the optimum group size?


We find small groups of women at a similar career level work best, as this allows for an environment of exchange and trust building, whilst still allowing sufficient ‘air time’ for everyone.  Therefore we recommend cohorts of 4 – 6 participants.

Who is it for?

  • Ambitious mid-career women leaders in corporates or professional services - typically around 15 years into their career

  • Women at Director level (or the equivalent of around 1 - 2 levels below C-suite for FTSE100 size businesses)

  • Women already managing professional teams (most often this will be managers of managers, but can also include first line managers in specialist areas where teams are typically smaller)

What does it cover?

The content is adjusted according to the needs of the group, though common topics include:

  • Dealing with imposter syndrome

  • Navigating the politics of promotion

  • Strategically growing and using your network

  • Maintaining balance between home and work

  • Managing your image and personal brand

  • Raising your profile

  • Having courageous conversations

How long is the programme?


The programme comprises 6 sessions, typically with a group coaching session every 3-4 weeks over a 6-month period. A 1-to-1 coaching session is also included in the programme to maximise individual benefit.

Your coaches

Sharon Peake, career coach, occupational psychologist, gender diversity specialist, and founder of Shape Talent

Clare photo.jpg

Clare Withycombe, career and leadership coach and founder of CW Coaching